Today I Published My First WordPress Plugin!

February 3, 2011 \ Categories: Wordpress \ Tags: ,

That’s right, a little plugin I wrote called the “Test Data Creator” has been added to the WordPress Plugin Directory. This plugin lets you quickly add a bunch of test posts and categories to WordPress. The idea is that developers and theme designers can use this plugin to fill out a fresh install of WordPress with a bunch of content for them to test with. I plan on adding more to the plugin, including pages, comments, authors, and html elements within posts and pages. Eventually I’ll have a “projects” section on this website that will have more info about the plugins I write as well.

This might not be that exciting to most people, especially considering there are almost 13,000 plugins in the WordPress directory. But I’m still excited. It was fun to learn the process, and I’ve had the plugin kicking around for almost a year now. I look forward to getting more plugins out there, including the Worpress/Twilio Call Tracking plugin I helped create with Skyhook!

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